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Imagine What Your Data Could Do

Today’s industry leaders leverage the unprecedented amount of information they generate to make more informed Strategic decisions.

Company data exists everywhere - from manufacturing to procurement, marketing to sales, shipping to returns, in-house, with vendors, and online. Imagine what you could do with all that data.

Imagine StrategIQ Commerce.

StrategIQ Commerce offers an integrated cross-channel approach that considers a product’s entire journey, from manufacturing to final destination, including returns. We connect enterprise data to create greater visibility and understanding, keen decision-making and nimble processes.

Started in 2000 as a company called IntraVex, today some of the world’s most recognizable brands rely on StrategIQ Commerce.

Our clients see their margins increasing, their efficiency rising, their predictions more accurate. They create more sophisticated customer experiences and improve engagement with their brands. They’re smarter, leaner, stronger.

Imagine what your data can do for you.

Imagine StrategIQ Commerce.